5 days in Portugal

One word to summarize my trip to Portugal “underrated”…I haven’t been to Italy yet but I’ve seen pictures. Portugal to me was like a mini version of Italy, a place that you can travel to and not break your pocket. Overall, it was an amazing experience the people were really kind and tried their hardest to ensure that you were enjoying their country. There was so much to see and experience from castles to drinking Port wine. Well let’s jump into all the madness I got to experience while I was there.

Booking of trip:

As always we booked this entire trip through www.expedia.com. We paid altogether $1,600 for hotel, flight and a car. This price was spilt between two individuals so $800 each which is super affordable for traveling to Europe. We flew on Tap Portugal which had amazing service and they also serve you two meals during your 8hr flight free of charge.

When doing my research I decided to fly into Porto because I felt like we would have more to see there. In my honest opinion save yourself that extra one hour flight to Porto. Fly into Lisbon and drive to Porto it is a 3hr drive very smooth majority of the ride was highway.

As for us we got a hotel in Lisbon when we went for the day, that allowed us to gain more room to explore. We stayed at the Iberostar selection Lisboa this hotel was beautiful and the amenities in the room were great. If you stay in Lisbon, I highly recommend checking this hotel out.

Our car rental was through Sixt we purchased insurance once we were in Portugal for $135 which covered anything that can happen to your car when driving it.

Our main hotel was in Porto at Porto City House. It was a nice spacious room that was cleaned every day. The room was nothing crazy fancy but practical for someone who will be out exploring throughout the day. One thing to note they do not give you a wash cloth at this hotel so bring your own from home.

Cities to see:


  • Sintra Centro (the town area perfect for grabbing something to eat at the local cafes or restaurants)
  • Castelo dos Mouros
  • Pena palace
  • Azenhas Do Mar


  • Belém Tower
  • Praca do comericio
  • Trolley ride
  • LX factory


  • Tour the city canals (10 euros each)
  • Costa nova houses (we didn’t make it to this because we put the wrong directions in the GPS)
  • Peixinho- traditional candy from Portugal it was not my favorite


    Livraria Lello
    Telefericio de Gaia
    Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Serralves
    Praia de Miramar







Breakfast- Porto

LX factory- Lisbon

Paju late night spot in Porto


Things to keep in mind when it comes to food most of the restaurants closed by 11pm and gelatos shops by 12am. We found that we liked the food options in Porto better than Lisbon.

I hope my recap will inspire you guys to visit Portugal one day.

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