Focus on your goals

Hi there, I haven’t jumped on here in a while.

In the meantime, I’ve been receiving so many positive DM’s on my Instagram from people who are inspired by me. These last two months have been so stressful from balancing work, personal, and life goals. So the messages have been truly appreciated.

Some of you wanted to know, how do I stay focused on my goals. I didn’t know how to answer this question at first because it hasn’t been something I’ve really sat down and thought about, until now.

I’ve always been the go getter type, without really realizing it. I want the best for myself and the people around me so pushing for excellence is my life goal.

Some of the things that help me achieve this are keeping myself around like-minded, positive people. Sometimes we don’t realize how important it is to be surrounded by others, who are on their own life journey and focused on living their best life.

Creating boundaries has been something I’m learning as well. Everyone won’t be cheering for you and that’s okay. Knowing when to cut off certain people off or just keeping them at a distance, will be very important. The key you want to remember is your journey is about you, so if someone is affecting the way you are progressing that may not be the best relationship for you.

Last but not least, are you having fun? Living your best life is about achieving but also being rewarded. If you are doing something and it is just for show. Then stop it, stop it right now, haha.

My end result is to live my best life doing what makes me happy.

  • Top: Urbanoutfitters
  • Shorts: Abercrombie & fitch
  • Purse: Anthropologie
  • Shoes: Rainbow

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