But who wants to travel to Chicago in February?

Chicagoooooo…literally the only thing I heard when people asked me where I planed on visiting for my birthday. I totally understood that Chicago is the Windy City and traveling there in Jan/Feb was a bit nuts. I had one goal though and it was to see snow! Also did I mention that this trip was extremely affordable…like $300 per person for flight/hotel affordable. I couldn’t pass up this deal. If you’ve been following me on here, then you know that I plan all of our trips and Chris goes along with it. Happy girlfriend happy life 🤗. I cannot lie he really tried to get me to switch my mind for this one. He was really pushing for NYC but that was because he had an alternative plan. He wanted to propose to me at Central Park. Well, that plan was tossed out the window when I told him that I had booked our trip to Chicago.

I really had no plans for Chicago other than I wanted to see snow and I just felt like this was my chance. As the days got closer for my trip the whole USA was alerted that Chicago was about to experience a polar vortex. Did I freak out…yes, yes I did. I wasn’t too worried about the cold I was more focused on my trip being cancelled due to snow. The day of our trip arrived and we made it on our flight without any delays. Like I always mention I book all my flights through Expedia.com. We flew on Spirit airlines which I did a poll on my instastory and 95% of my followers said they would rather pay more and not fly Spirit. To be honest the service was good you obviously have to pay for a check on luggage and their was turbulence due to the hot air/cold air but overall, everything went well.

We landed early morning around 10am and called an Uber to take us to our hotel. The Uber cost was around $40 and we stayed in the magnificent mile. Normally, this area is great because you can walk everywhere unfortunately, due to the cold we had to Uber pretty much everywhere.

I’m going to list everywhere that we went to eat. I highly recommend all the restaurants that we ate at they were all delicious in their own way.


Pizza: Lou Malnati’s (deep dish)

Pequod’s pizza

Burgers: Au Cheval

Kumas (if you are not into metal rock this may not be the place for you…they play metal rock the entire time)

Coffee shop: thewormhole

Breakfast/bunch: the Bongo room

Wild berry pancakes and cafe (this was like an ihop)

Batter and berries

Dinner: Chicken and farm shop (chicken and waffles) (Mac and cheese/biscuits were bomb as well)

Hotdogs: Portillio’s is on the list for the best hotdog…I was not impressed. The restaurant itself is cool to see.

Things to do:

Cloud gate (the bean)

Wndr museum

The art institute of Chicago

The sears tower (check for visibility before purchasing ticket)

Lincoln Park zoo

Navy pier

Macy’s state street (is a must see I’ve never seen any Macy’s look so beautiful)

The Chicago theatre

Chicago Athletic Associate (has a speakeasy on one of the floors)

Museum of Contemporary art

Regardless of us being stuck in the hotel for one full day due to the polar vortex we were able to do a lot. I saw snow fall from the sky several times and the icing on the cake my boyfriend proposed! We will definitely be back in the summer to experience “taste of Chicago in July and Chicago gourmet in September”. The food scene was amazing you will get your money’s worth for sure!

Check out some of the photos from our trip!

Where will Stacey and Chris go next?? You will have to stick around to find out!

Thanks for reading….

Xoxo, Stacey

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