How to make the best out of traveling to London

I have one word to say about London “beautiful”. The people, the culture and the fashion was everything I needed and more.

How I book my trips?

So how did Chris and I end up in London for our last trip of the year? Well, I book my trips based on the best prices. I want to see everything the world has to offer. As I was browsing on I saw that we could fly to London and get a hotel for $1000 per person! That was a steal so I told Chris and we booked the trip. If you aren’t already aware of my travels. I book all my trips through Expedia. I gain points and I have the gold status so I get other perks. With the gold status I am able to upgrade my room for free and depending on the hotel you might get free wine or desserts. At the end of the day it is free additional perks, who doesn’t want that?


As for the flight we flew on American Airlines. We had a connecting flight to get to London but coming home it was a direct 9hr flight. They did feed us typical airline food nothing crazy. They also served beverages and the wine was free of charge! Our seats were in economy but the overall foot room was decent. Chris has really long legs and he wasn’t complaining, so that’s always a plus.

Hotel: The Westbourne Hyde Park

When we landed in London we took the “tube” underground train to the nearest station to our hotel. We had to walk two blocks but overall, we were centrally located in a nice spot. We had restaurants nearby, Uber/ubereats works over there as well. We were also close to a business that sold the tickets for all the excursions we wanted to do.

Our hotel was nothing less than amazing. The room was spacious and it had a kitchen area as well which was nice. Our room came with a phone that had WiFi and phone service. We were able to make calls back home to the USA and it helped us maneuver around as well.

Hop on/ Hop off bus:

I suggest if you want to see all the popular attractions and hear the history of London then you should definitely purchase tickets for the hop on hop off bus tour. This tour allows you to get off to see the attractions and then hop right back on to continue the tour. The busses operate Monday-Sunday from early morning until around 7:30pm at night.

Main Attractions that you see from the bus tour:

  • Tower of London
  • London Eye
  • Westminister Abbey
  • Tower bridge
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Things to do while in London:
    • Visit Buckingham Palace and you can view the changing of guards. Please keep in mind that it gets very packed and it’s really hard to see anything unless you’re super tall. If you get there super early you will be able to get a good spot. I would recommend taking the tube “train” or Uber. The bus will take you there but they drop you off 10 minutes before it starts so it’s almost impossible to get a good view.
    • Sky Garden was a beautiful experience. I booked our reservations at night but you can go in the morning as well. This lounge is on the top floor of a skyscraper. I would recommend RSVP because they do sell out. It is free to go there but they ask for your credit card information to have on file. If you do not show up or you cancel with less than 24hrs advancement they will charge you. They serve drinks and little snack platters. I wasn’t a fan of the cheese platter but it’s still worth a try.
  • We did the excursion that took us to Stonehenge and to Bath. This experience was amazing Stonehenge really makes you wonder how the heck did these stones get here. As for Bath it is an old city in London. The architecture was amazing to see and the history was amazing. You also get a ticket to visit the Roman baths which date back to the 18th century.
  • Places that I went Shopping:
    • Regent street
      Carnaby Street
      Canary Wharf
  • Food:
  • I heard so much about the food scene I was really nervous but you should never judge something until you try it. I ate so much good food. My favorite was the Lebanese food I went to at least four different spots. I did not eat fish and chips. Every time I thought about trying it, there was something else on the menu that sounded better.
  • I hope everything I listed above will assist you with booking your future trip to London!
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