Why you shouldn’t break the bank to look good….

Fashion has been apart of my life since I can remember…my mom always made sure my sister and I were dressed nicely.  She didn’t break her pockets either, she was always getting the deals. So, as I got older shopping for decently priced items just seemed normal.  I knew how to make a $10 outfit look better than the name brand fits.  If you don’t take anything away from this post please remember one thing.  You do not need to stretch your pockets to look good.  It’s all about the way you style the pieces and the confidence that you have while wearing the items.

If you follow me on Instagram I have been showcasing all the items that I recently received from Wetseal. Were you a Wetseal girl growing up? I certainly was and then I fell off.  If you haven’t checked out their website in a while I would recommend it.  They have amazing deals on their clothing and the quality is honestly amazing.  I low key wasn’t expecting such great quality because sometimes lower priced brands sacrifice quality so they can offer a cheaper price point.

When choosing my items I tried to keep the yellow and black trend going with majority of the pieces.  My favorite item was the open back fitted dress.  I’m usually not a fan of tight fitted dresses but this one fit so nicely and the ruche detailing on the back of the dress was perfect.  I don’t have a set style, I dress according to how I am feeling on that day. Altogether, I received 7 pieces for $99 which was such a steal. When I shop I love to select pieces that can be worn differently.  By doing this people won’t realize that you’ve  probably worn the same pieces two weeks in a roll.  I hope all these tips were helpful.







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