Day 2: Exploring Anchorage

Thunderbird Falls, Matanuska glacier and downtown Anchorage:

Started off to an early start we had one full day to explore Anchorage before heading off to the cruise Monday morning. We had breakfast at City Diner which has a 50’s theme and the breakfast selection was really good! Once we finished eating we headed out to Thunderbird Falls.

On the ride to Thunderbird Falls we got pulled over by the first cop we came in contact with. His reason for pulling us over sounded like a lie and we were pretty sure we got profiled. Luckily he let us go with nice little warning 🙃.

At Thunderbird Fall you have to pay $5 for your vehicle which is a pretty decent price. The climb wasn’t that bad there were some steep spots so wear the right shoes. I was climbing my way up in my white sneakers probably not the best option. Also bring mosquito spray we were being eaten alive and those suckers were biting us with no mercy. At the half way point you can stop and take some photos and then once you finish the entire walk you can see the Falls. There is also the creek trail which takes you closer to the river if you’re down for a little adventure.

Afterwards we headed to Matanuska glacier which is worth the $30 per person it was such an amazing experience to be able to walk the glacier. You’re allowed to walk as far as your little feet will take you. Also remember you have to walk all the way back so if you feel tired or you’re nervous about the ice don’t go beyond what you can handle.

For lunch we ate at Long Rifle Lodge which is right next to Matanuska glacier in case you are starving after your hike. Everything we ordered was really good and the price point wasn’t too steep on the pockets. I had the hamburger and we ordered the blueberry pie with ice cream on top for dessert.

The drive back down to Anchorage is a two and a half hour drive. The view is amazing so it’s pretty easy on the eye. We drove into downtown Anchorage to get gifts. FYI the cheapest store with gifts was the Polar bear gift store. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that until we shopped at the other stores. Also something to remember when visiting during the summer, it doesn’t really get dark until around 12pm at night and the sun is only down for three to four hours. Which allows you a little more time to explore during the daylight.

For dinner we ate at Moose’s tooth which was one of the top pizza places to eat at. The reviews did not lie the cheese bread was delicious, along with their homemade ginger ale. We did a large pie half/half which was the cheaper route. FYI it was so much food we were not able to finish it all.

Thunderbird Falls

Matanuska Glacier

Long rifle lodge : Blueberry pie

Downtown Anchorage

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