Traveling to Alaska day 1

Traveling to anchorage:

June 16, 2018

The day started off early I woke up at 6:20am I jumped in the shower and proceeded to get dressed. I had picked out a very trendy outfit to wear but once the day arrived I opted for a pair of leggings from gap, styled with a hoodie that I purchased from Target. If you’re wondering what my outfits will consist of I have packed a little bit of everything. I’m not sure what the weather will be like or what activities I will partake in. I’m taking one pair of sneakers which I purchased from Nastygal along with my thigh boots and some ankle boots.

We arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport at around 8:15am and the check-in process was pretty smooth. We are traveling on United Airlines despite all the issues that they have been having over the past recent months the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Newark, New Jersey was pretty smooth. It was roughly a three hour flight which I pretty much slept through the entire thing. Here’s a secret I sleep on planes I’m not sure why/how I’m able to do this but I usually knock out before the flight attendant even starts talking.

We arrived in Newark at around 1:50 pm. By then my bladder was about to explode. Normally, I try to avoid public restrooms. I’ve just always found them to be disgusting but clearly when I’m traveling there isn’t much I can do. So I run in and literally run out because I think that is the only thing I hate about traveling “Public restrooms”.

Afternoon grabbing a bite and waiting around a little it was finally time to board our flight to Anchorage. This is the part I’ve been dreading because it’s an 7 hr and 30 min. flight. So far the longest flight I’ve ever been on.

The beginning of the flight went smooth I watched a movie, slept a little and then the boredom struck when I realized we had four more hours to go. So here I am sitting in my seat writing about day one. I am hoping to be able to write about each day as the trip proceeds. So be on the lookout for the rest of the details of the next days to come.

Anchorage at 11pm at night. Sunlight didn’t go down until 12pm.Anchorage at 11pm sun didn’t go down until 12pm.

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