If you’ve been following me closely on Instagram, you are aware that I love to inform my readers about my trips. I love to give all the details based on where I stayed, activities I did and whatever else comes to mind. I usually go a little more in depth with the photos that I post but on this trip I decided to live in the moment. By living in the moment that meant no Nikon D5500 to take my pictures. That also means that some of the activities I did probably did not get captured or recorded. That’s okay though this trip taught me that people will receive what you give them. If we think that we are offering our best then others will know that and be satisfied. I hope that you will read my post and look at my photos and know that this was my best I could give, while being 100 percent present on my trip.

Hotel: I stayed at the Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay. This was my second time staying at the hotel. This hotel is all inclusive which means food and drinks are all included. If you are looking for a party hotel then this is the spot. They have a club on the resort which is accessible by walking or a driver if you don’t want to walk.

Activities: I went to Dunns River for the fourth time and we also did the ATV excursion. Both activities are worth the coin. We actually climbed Dunns River on our own which was super fun but if you are going for the first time I would suggest using the guide. There are parts that are super slippery so you don’t want to injury yourself. As for the ATV if you are looking for a nice enjoyable ride with a beautiful scenery then that is the activity for you. While riding the ATV we drove to a beach area where you can jump off the cliff into the ocean. For those of you who cannot swim they do give you a life jacket.




Food: Since our hotel included food we only left the resort once to eat. But it was so worth it we had lunch at Sharkies which is a seafood restaurant on the beach. I have no actual footage of the food that we ate instead I will list them: we ordered the garlic conch, jerk chicken wrap, seafood soup, festival, fried fish and conch fritters.


We tried our best to just relax on this trip which meant doing less and actually enjoying our hotel. If you do stay at an all inclusive hotel they normally have activities to keep you entertained.

The rest of the photos are just some of the things I was able to capture while enjoying life.


Until next time love from the 876 .

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