7 For All Mankind x loveislouder

Hey guys, I feel like I haven’t written on here in forever. Well, today I bring to you the collaboration with 7 For All Mankind x Loveislouder.

To give you a little insight loveislouder is a community of people who have come together to create a world where people can feel connected and supported. As for 7 For All Mankind they are known for their badass denim selection.

I felt like I came across this collection at the perfect time. I’ve been working on getting out of my comfort zone and becoming more social. In the last few days I’ve been to three events. Each event has been different in its own little way but I have managed to meet new people with similar interests as me.

Hopefully, to anyone reading this take the risk reach out to that person on social media who you’ve been dying to hang out with. Go to that event even if you don’t know anyone. Let’s learn how to support one another because we are all here to grow.

photo edit: @fronchay

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