To 26

I woke up on my 26th birthday overwhelmed with text messages wishing me a happy birthday. So many kind words from so many people and honestly, I felt so loved. I got up from my hotel bed and went into the bathroom and cried. I was so happy for life, to see another year and just thankful for everything that 25 had brought me.

I sat there thinking wow…another year under my belt. My mother had always taught me that aging was a blessing. With age you gained knowledge, experience and new relationships. I was truly thankful that day for all of my experiences.

I was thankful for my travels and for my willingness to start up my blog and to commit to it. You see we take things for granted as humans. We have so many opportunities yet we walk around moping and talking about the the what could of happen, instead of what actually did happen. We often disregard our greatest achievements because we are dwelling on the insignificant failures.

This year I am urging myself to focus on the positive. To make the best out of every opportunity. To go out and mingle with new people and to connect with those that are aligned with my energy. This year is for growth, happiness, new experiences and failure.

I am excited for 26th and I plan to leave my mark on those who encounter my presence.

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