West Coast Road Tripping pt.2

I hope you guys enjoyed all the details I spilled on the hotels, the car and the perks of using Expedia.  I had to break up these post into two because I did not want to overwhelm you guys with too much information.  This post will talk about what we saw, some of the places we ate at and much more.

Our first stop was Las Vegas we were there for literally one full day.  We arrived at night and decided to take full advantage of our little time there.  So,  once we checked in we got dressed and explored our hotel which was the Stratosphere.  We loved our hotel the overview of Las Vegas at night was amazing, we stopped at some of the casinos and we even ate at the burger joint all located within our hotel.  The next day we drove around to spot some places that I had on my list.  We drove to Seven Magic Mountains which was  30 minutes away from our hotel.  If you have a chance there is also a building that looks melted called the Lou Ruvo Center for brain health.  Afterwards we went to Fremont street for lunch and to just check out the scenery.  Out hotel was right across the street from the Little Vegas Chapel so we checked it out right before leaving for our next stop.

Our next stop after Las Vegas was Arizona we drove there strictly to see the Grand Canyon.  Of course we had a few stops we decided to make along the way. The first stop was the Hoover Dam and from there we made our way to the famous Route 66 and stopped to check out some of the shops and to purchase some souvenirs.  We arrived at the Grand Canyon at around 2pm we walked around snapped some photos and then headed off to California.  Oh yeah did I mention I had my first in and out burger experience in Arizona and it was delicious.

Finally my favorite part of the entire trip Cali!!!!!!!  Now, if you know me you know I love me some New York City.  But I think California has won me over,  I loved everything about it.  The people were friendly, the weather was amazing and the thrifting deals were to die for.  California has left a huge mark on my heart it was definitely the best way for me to close out my 25th year of life and to start year 26th with a bang.

Now keep in mind everything we saw was for the free.  Which is always my first choice when traveling.  You’re already spending money on the hotels, vehicle and food.  So if you can save some coin try your best to do so.  The places I am about to list are in no chronological order of how I saw them.  We drove to everything, there are zero tolls the only thing you need to remember, is that for most places you will have to pay for parking.

  1. Griffith Observatory: Your gateway to the cosmos! So if you are into the planets and stars this is the place for you. Free to walk around inside and to get the views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign.  If you want to see any of the shows that they have you do need to purchase a ticket.

Next on the list is the Bradbury Building: This building was built in 1893 and it is known for its beautiful architecture.  It is free to go inside and you are allowed to take photos and look around.  Some of the areas were blocked off from visitors.

The Broad: You’ve probably seen people post photos from this contemporary art museum.  To say the least if you are in LA you have to check it out they have some really out of this world pieces.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken n Waffles: Better be on the list it was so good Chris and I went twice! We got the chicken and waffles of course with a side of macaroni and cornbread.  We had their special lemonade which was mixed with Kool-aid.


Salvation Mountain:  If you have a vehicle it is a must see it is out in the desert so the drive was roughly 3hrs and change because we stopped for food and gas.  The art that this gentleman has created is amazing and when you go out there and feel how hot it is….  its insane “a good insane of course” to think he did this all on his own.


On our way back from Salvation Mountain we drove through Joshua Tree.  We did not get too far in because the sun was setting and we did not plan on camping out there. But here are a few of the shots we took before heading out.


The Last book store was something fun to see it is obviously not the last book store in the world.  But the name alone tells us that we are in scarce need of them.  They also had artist on hand displaying their personal work.

I hit up Buffalo Exchange to thrift for some goodies.  I found a complete outfit and Chris thrifted a pair of vans.  If we had more space in our luggage we would of done some more damage.


Of course we had to drive by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air house and the house from Fast and the Furious (Chris demanded that we saw it).



The Santa Monica Pier was perfect we got there just in time to catch the sunset.

If you can stop by the Sprinkle ATM in Beverly Hills.

EggSlut in Venice beach was a must go!  We got brunch from them I had the bacon, egg and cheese.


We spent our last day on Venice Beach and then drove to Malibu to catch the sunset.


Malibu Beach:

I hope you enjoyed my recap of my trip! Hopefully, if you are planning to visit anytime soon you can check out some of these places.





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