West Coast Road Tripping pt. 1

If you read my previous blogpost then you are aware that I was planning my birthday trip! Well, the trip has been completed and I am here to share all my tips and knowledge from what I learned while traveling three states by car.  I have broken up this post into two parts based on some of the questions I received while I was on the trip.


  1. Where did we travel to?  Chris and myself flew to Las Vegas from there we drove to Arizona and then California for the remainder of the trip.
  2. What travel agency did we use?  I book all my trips through Expedia which is stated in the previous blogpost.  The airline was JetBlue the flight was smooth.  Some of the negatives were Chris and I had separate seats from each other.  Also on the flight back home someone went into Chris’s checked on luggage and stole his brand new fragrance that was purchased while we were on the trip.  At first, we were annoyed but JetBlue did reach out to us and we should be receiving a refund so that worked out!
  3. What hotels did you book? We stayed at altogether seven hotels because we were constantly on the go.  I will list my favorite hotels for you in case you want to book them in the future.  Stratosphere which was in Las Vegas this was our favorite one because the upgraded us to a suite.  Also they had a sky view lounge, obviously a casino and the restaurants were super yummy as well.  The LA hotel downtown was really nice and we had an amazing view.  At that hotel we got upgraded to a nicer room due to us being a VIP on Expedia which I will speak about a little later on.  The Ambrose was so cute and located in Santa Monica.  They had cute perks like free bikes to ride, a  free car service that took you around Santa Monica and free breakfast in the morning.  Last but not least, the Inn at Venice Beach which was seconds away from the beach (muscle beach), bars and all the shops. FYI almost every hotel in LA has a parking fee per night if you have a vehicle.  The only place that did not have a cover charge for our car was the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.
  4. What is the VIP you speak about with Expedia?  How do these memberships work?  Well, when you first sign up you become a blue member. You become a silver member after booking 7 qualifying nights or spending $5,000 annually. The gold membership is after 15 qualifying nights or spending $10,000 annually. I am currently a gold member so when we booked any hotel with VIP we were automatically upgraded to a nicer room, even if we initially booked a standard room .  When you are in the app you will see that some of the hotels have the VIP those are the ones with that perk.  So once we caught on Chris and I booked all the hotels with the VIP because we got the rooms we wanted and saved some coins.
  5. How did you rent your car?  I booked the car through Expedia but the car rental place was called Fox rent a car.  The customer service was okay we did have issues with the first car so we had to trade it in during our first day in Las Vegas to get another vehicle.  They ended up giving us an upgrade free of charge.  When we turned in the car they were trying to charge us $114 for gas but I was able to speak to customer service and they refunded us our money.  The ONLY thing I will tell anyone renting a car through Expedia never purchase the insurance they have online.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS get your car insurance when you go to pick up your vehicle.
  6. Did you have to pay any tolls? I was so shocked when we drove through three states and did not pay not a dime in tolls.  Also it was such an easy drive, all the gas stations restrooms were super clean and the people in general were really friendly.

Check out some of the photos/videos below from the hotels and our vehicle.





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