New Year, Same Me

I’ve been pretty MIA for the last few weeks.  Typically because of work and the holidays I couldn’t keep up with writing content that was worthy to be posted.  I also wanted to ensure that the next post was something I could really connect with.  So I’ve decided to just ramble about my next trip .  The new year, always gets me in the best mood because my birthday is in the month of February. I usually spend the beginning of January scoping out the place that I want to visit next.  For the last four years NYC has been a tradition.  This year I decided that I did not want to be cold. Instead I wanted to do something that consisted of a mini road trip.  So my next destination is Las Vegas to Cali it will be my first time going to both places.

I “ALWAYS” get asked about how I find deals for trips.  The answer is always, “Expedia” I know that there are other travel websites that you can use as well, but Expedia has always worked well for me.  I’ve been traveling with Expedia for the last three years.  So I have the app on my phone and of course an account with them.  By being a registered user you gain points/dollars whenever you book trips.  I use Expedia for everything flight, hotel and vehicle.  Especially, when you are traveling to one place doing a bundle deal saves you more money.

For this trip it was a little different since we are flying into Las Vegas and flying back home from LAX.  I had to book everything separate, which was actually the first for me.  The first thing I checked for were the flights.  I typically like to spend a full week when I travel.  So I am flying into Las Vegas on January 27th and flying back home on February 4th.  The prices for the flight were very reasonable from Fort Lauderdale Airport to McCarran Airport for two people one-way flight tickets were $243.96.  For our flight back home from LAX to Fort Lauderdale the tickets were $286.60.  We are flying on jetBlue which Chris and I are excited about because their service is always on point.  Next, we have the hotel which I only booked for our stay in Las Vegas.  I found a great deal for the Stratosphere Hotel, Casino and Tower we are only going to be there for two days.  Altogether our room was $53.62 a night for a subtotal of $121.58.  Remember those Expedia points I spoke about well they came in handy!  Our room was completely free due to us accumulating points from our last trip.  Last but not least lets talk about our car rental.  I’m not the biggest car person, so to me if it is affordable lets rent it. Seeing that Chris does majority of the driving and he is a car person. I let him pick what he thinks would be the best car based on the area we are driving in.  Supposedly, we are getting a Jetta or something similar whatever that means “lol”.   Altogether we paid $500 for our car rental this includes the collision damage for a full week.

Stratosphere Hotel, Casino and Tower

As for the rest of the trip I haven’t booked any other hotels we are going to be booking those as we go.  Stay tuned for the details from the entire trip!  The photos attached were taken from Google,  I will be providing my own pictures when I recap the trip.


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