Do’s and Don’ts of dating

How do you date in 2017????? This question seems to be very important and I feel like there isn’t a real answer, honestly.  Everyone is different and with that difference we get complicated relationships. Well, the video you are about to watch will show Chesca and myself answer some real personal questions.  The questions vary and allow us to speak on present relationships along with past relationships. I’ve also listed do’s and don’ts from my friends.  I’ve attached their Instagram names because they are dope creatives so check out their page!

@_hopeugetit: Do- Putting yourself first but finding a balance between loving you and them.

Don’t- Do not allow disrespect, speak up if something bothers you.  Never let it sink in too long because then you will become numb.

@fronchay: Do- Be honest

Don’t-  Do not rush things. Let it happen organically.

@marcia.purdy: Do- Be yourself! So many people get into these relationships with an idea of who they “should” be for a person and not who they actually are! Then they wonder why the relationship has failed! Be true to who you are and you will find the perfect person for you. 

Don’t- Go into the relationship with expectations. When you do that you limit how your relationship could grow. Focus on growing together.

@likemyc: Do- Let the person know what your flaws are from the beginning.

Don’t- Do not try to be someone that you are not.

@cdaleystyles: Do- Spend quality time with one another. Ask personal questions that will allow you to better understand each other.

Don’t- Do not rush into anything.  Take your time and everything will fall into place.


3 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts of dating

  1. I absolutely LOVED it!!! You guys definitely gave some great advice. There is one thing I would like to add when it comes to relationships and everything in life, it’s best to enjoy the “NOW.” Be present and honest. Once this is done, there will be no need for the dreaded “what are we?”


  2. The video was amazing!!!!! 😂😂
    There are sooo many “Do’s & Don’ts” when It comes to relationships! No relationship is perfect & each “Do & Don’t may not apply to your relationship. You just have to know what you want & do what is best for you & your partner at the end of the day.


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