Distressed Vintage Denim



Shout out to the owner of these thrifted Levi’s denim.  I purchased these babies over the summer while I was visiting NYC.  I remember scavenging through the 100’s of denim, looking for the perfect wash and fit.  When I came across this light wash denim, I remember telling Hope that these were the ones.  I tried them on over my romper because I was lazy to go into the fitting room. They were the perfect fit (550 relaxed fit tapered leg size 11).  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me style them on various occasions.  They fit my body type and they are flattering to the bumpa (buttocks).

They were plain without rips when I purchased them but I did some magic with my scissors and added the distress.  Washing them overtime added the fringes that you see now.

  • Thrift store: L Train Vintage
  • Brand: Levi’s
  • Boots: Nine West
  • Leather jacket & Purse: Diesel

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