“I don’t have enough clothes” -Stacey C.

Styling the basics:

I know I am not the only person, to ever complain about not having enough clothes.  You get invited out for drinks and the first thing that probably pops into your head is, “What am I going to wear?”  I decided to style a leather skirt three different ways.  I hope that this will help those who are lacking creative inspiration when it comes to the items that they already have in their closet.

Afterwork hours:

You always want to have those pieces in your closet that are easy to pair.  The blouse was thrifted from Goodwill, the skirt was purchased from Urban Outfitters four years ago and the sandals are from Nordstrom Racks.

I wanted to change-up the dynamic of my closet this fall because I felt like I had too many  pieces that clashed.  I was unable to style them and I would end up having to purchase another item to make it work.  I decided that when I purchased my core pieces that I would stick to more solids and less prints.


Mesh top purchased from Forever21 last year, leather skirt Urban Outfitters, socks are from Stance and my platform sneakers/leather jacket are from Diesel. 

I remember being that person who would never want to wear the same thing twice in two weeks.  So much has changed you’ll probably see me wearing the same bottom twice in a week…maybe even three times if you’re lucky.  Once you start to realize that the way you style an item can change the entire look.  Your thought process changes.

A night out:

Top is from missguided the boots are fours year old and I purchased them from Nine West. Same skirt from the previous captions.

Fashion is about being creative and having fun.  You should be able to look good without breaking the pocket.  If you are looking for ways to save money but you still want to buy new pieces.  Try cleaning out your closet every few months and selling those items to a Plato’s Closet or a Buffalo Exchange.  I look for deals when I shop, most places have promotions all the time.  I usually find what I want and then I wait for the price to drop.  Especially, if you are trying to become a fashion blogger learning how to stretch your coin is more than necessary.

Top Places that I shop:  Missguided, Forever21, Zara (when they have a sale), Urban Outfitters (Sale Section).

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