My Mexico Experience


People always ask me how I travel so often. Yes! I do have a full time job but traveling has become a very important factor in my life.  I make it a priority to travel at least four times a year. Now, sometimes I end up at the same place as last year but I always try to experience new things. The goal is to explore at least two new states/countries per year.

Where do I look to book my trips? Honestly, I am an Expedia girl for some reason I always end up getting the best deal with them.  Now keep in mind that I do all my traveling through them, so I also gain points which help lower the price when booking any trip.  I find that the best days for me to book a trip is Sunday/Monday night.  Now this is my opinion you may have better luck on other days. So, I advise you to search each day for two weeks. This will allow you to figure out which day has the better deals. The reasons why I like to book my trips through Expedia is because I like to book the flight, hotel and vehicle altogether.  You end up saving money by booking this way.  The negative to booking this way is that your hotel is situated in one location.  So if you plan on doing other activities around the country/state you will probably end up driving a lot.

My Mexico trip was actually a birthday trip for my boyfriend.  Our birthday trips are not usually for a full week so we try to travel to places that you can get to quickly by plane. By doing that we are able to spend more time exploring the place.  If I am not traveling for a full week I usually like to fly out on a Wednesday or Thursday and I usually fly back home on a Sunday or Monday.

Seeing that we did New York for my birthday he advised me that he did not want to freeze to death for his birthday.  I respected his wishes lol even though I love the cold. I booked our trip through Expedia and got us a nice all-inclusive hotel with a rental car.  I always do my research about wherever I am traveling to because even though I love traveling I am very paranoid as well.

We flew out for our trip on a Wednesday morning from Fort Lauderdale airport which is always a breeze.  Our airline was American Airlines it wasn’t the best customer service but seeing that we always fall asleep on our flight we weren’t stressing it.  I actually sat next to a lady who was from Mexico so she advised me on what we should and shouldn’t do.  The should was to go on the excursions that the hotel offered and the shouldn’t was our rental car.  She told us that driving in Mexico was tricky because people often like to crash into tourist vehicles to then hold them up for their money and try to make the tourist pay for the damadges.  So when we arrived at the airport Chris and I decided to ditch the car (more me than Chris).


So remember how I told you our hotel was all-inclusive….well when we checked into the hotel I was advised otherwise.  So that goes back to booking on Expedia sometimes the description is not clear so if you want to be certain I would recommend calling them. So the photo above is the first place that Chris and I went to grab some drinks.  Was I pissed about the whole all-inclusive thing…of course but I was in a foreign country so I decided to make the best of the situation. “Shit happens”. IMG_3989

Things to do: Chichen Itza

Our tour took us first to a hand craft market, then you were able to swim in a cenote and then they drove us to Chichen Itza to explore the Mayan Ruins.

IMG_4345 Candy skulls





Now please keep in mind that it was extremely hot out here and if you do the excursion through your hotel they drop you off for two hours.  Its beautiful to see but I would advise to go in the cooler months our tour guide told us that the heat is unbearable during the summer.






If you are in Mexico then Tulum is a must even if you only get to explore it for one day!





Our hotel was situated in Cancun along the strip with all the other hotels.  The clubs in the tourist areas were expensive.  Coming from Miami Chris and I were not excited about spending $60 US dollars just to get into a club so we ditched that scene.  If you travel like us you won’t have enough energy once you fulfill your activities each day.  Going back to our hotel room and going to bed early sounded like a better option for us.



Mexico was not like I expected….The people were nice, the tacos were okay and the beaches were breathtaking.  Like any place you travel to, you must always pay attention to your surroundings and be aware.  But before you make any type of judgement make sure you give wherever it is a chance, it just might surprise you.





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