Value your time

I started writing a post about one of my trips but I decided that I felt more connected to this topic at the moment.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed with everything?  Life is coming at you with so many thoughts and so many things are occurring and you feel like you are stuck.  I often get lost and I feel like I’m doing a lot, thinking too much and not really taking in the moment and what is actually happening.


I once had a conversation with someone and they asked me are you enjoying the moment.  I was confused and baffled but when I sat back and thought about it,  I realized that I was too focused on everything else that the moment had passed.  How many times do you go out with someone and instead of enjoying the moment you are on your phone looking at Instagram or trying to get a snap of what is going on…that you yourself probably hasn’t even really taken in “the moment”.  I get it, we live in a digital world where Instagram and snapchat are real life addictions. I mean did it really happen if we didn’t snap it or take a photo to remember?


I’m trying to dedicate more of my moments to living in them, instead of just capturing a video or a photo of them. Time and life are flying right past us like a race car with no breaks. If you haven’t realized but we are more than half way done with this year. Like I’m still confused and shocked that Christmas is right around the corner.  Value your time because you can never have that exact moment back.

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