What makes you come alive?

You ever think to yourself, what the hell am I doing?  I think I ask myself this question at least 5 times a day.  Its a common thing to worry about as you watch the days, months and years past you by.  No one wants to be in the same situations and doing the same exact things as the year before.  Well… lets say majority because I can not speak for the entire universe.  I have come across people who are content with the stage they have reached and their priority is to maintain where they are and to be happy.  While others are trying to surpass their monthly goals of achievement.

Have you ever just sat and thought to yourself about the goals you truly want to achieve. When I say goals this can include short term/long term and or career/life goals.  It can get a bit overwhelming when you really start to think along these terms.  The best recommendation I can give anyone is to start yourself out with things that can be achieved within months and then to work your way up to your harder goals.  This will allow you not to become discouraged when you realize the time-frame it is taking you to achieve them.

Now, we are all different so your goals may not match my goals and that’s fine.  The moment you start to pay attention to others and what they are achieving is the exact moment that you will drop the ball on your own goals and become discouraged.  You can only fail yourself if you allow yourself to.

We are all limitless there is so much that can be achieved but it is up to us to know what we want and for us to go get it!  I want my blog to encourage others to try different things, think outside the box and to focus on their dreams.  To live is to be  happy, content with where you are and striving for better.

Living should be everyone’s way of life because at the end of the day, you will only be you once in a lifetime.




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